IWF-Vorstand muss Krediten für Island noch zustimmen – Island soll Kreditbedarf beziffern – EU mit symbolischer Hilfe

11. November 2008

Iceland May Get `Small‘ EU Loan, Laitenberger Says (Update1)

By Tasneem Brogger and John Rega

Nov. 10 (Bloomberg) — Iceland may get a „small“ loan from the European Union as the Atlantic island tries to scrape together enough funds to stabilize its currency and resurrect the economy.

„This should be seen more as a political gesture, as a complement“ to money from the International Monetary Fund, European Commission spokesman Johannes Laitenberger told reporters in Brussels today. He declined to specify an amount.

The IMF on Oct. 24 agreed to lend Iceland $2.1 billion after the country’s three largest banks failed and its currency collapsed. Prime Minister Geir Haarde has said a total of $6 billion will be needed to salvage the economy, which the IMF estimates will contract as much as 10 percent next year.

The Washington-based lender wants more information on how much Iceland will be able to borrow from other countries before the loan is approved, the newspaper Morgunbladid said today, citing Haarde. The Fund’s executive board has yet to schedule a meeting to approve the loan, Haarde said.

„I hope it will be held as soon as possible,“ the prime minister told the Reykjavik-based newspaper.

The island has so far secured a 500 million euro ($635 million) loan from Norway, 300 million kroner ($51 million) from the Faroe Islands and $200 million from Poland. Norway also agreed to extend through 2009 a 500 million euro swap facility agreed in May.

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Anmerkung der Admins: Die Hilfe für Island duch den IWF sowie zahlreiche andere euorpäische Staaten nimmt gemäß dem Artikel konkrete Formen an. Der IWF-Vorstand muss dem IWF-Kredit nur noch zustimmen. Ob bei letzterem Kredit die Bedingung, die ausländischen Sparer bei isländischen Banken zu entschädigen, vereinbart wurde, ist dem Artikel nicht zu entnehmen. Island soll außerdem den Bedarf an Krediten noch genauer beziffern (siehe hierzu auch den weiteren, von kaupthingrahsk zugesandten englischsprachigen Artikel hier )

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