Notification from the Depositor´s and Investors´Guarantee Fund:

3. Dezember 2008

Written 12/3/2008 at3:17 PM

The icelandic Depositor´s and Investors´Guarnatee Fund would like to announce that officials from the icelandic, german and dutch Depositor´s and Investors´Guarantee fund have a joint meeting on December 3rd in Haag, Netherlands to discuss the matter of deposits owners in icelandic branches and the governments are confident that a satisfying conclusion will be reached.
Hopes are that there will be new information available later this week.

Many e-mails and calls have been received on when conformation of receipt of a claim will be sent. Unfortunately that has not been possible yet hence the enormous mass of claims that have been received by the fund so far.

Auf der Seite der FME hier

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