Neueste Nachricht aus Islands Einlagensicherungsfond

8. Dezember 2008

Heute erhielt ich auf meine Anfrage das Folgende, was ich nicht nur für mich behalten, sondern mit allen teilen möchte:

The icelandic Depositor´s and Investors´Guarnatee Fund likes to announce that officials from Icelandic, German and Dutch Depositor´s and Investors´Guarantee funds had a joint meeting on December 3rd in Haag, Netherlands, and discussed the matter of deposits owners in foreign branches of Icelandic banks. Hopefully there will be some news available later this week.

Lately the fund has received many requests regarding when confirmations of receipt will be send out. Unfortunetly it has not been possible to send out any confirmations yet due to enourmos amount of applications which the fund has received.

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