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5. Februar 2009

With some surprise I just watched ZDF Heute Journal. For your information: all dutch citizens having savings in Iceland up til € 100.000 get a full refund, thanks to the pressure upon the Icelandic government by the dutch authorities, and thanks to a decision by the dutch government to refund dutch citizens.

The first €20.000 will be refunded by the Icelandic state, the next € 80.000 by the Netherlands State Bank. Is the german government less succesful in its negotiations and/or less willing to implement the dutch solution?

I hope this information will be helpful to you, our european neighbours

Rudolf Rijpma


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  1. xyzam 6. Februar 2009 um 21:37 Uhr

    With also all our best wishes back to the dutch Kaupthing private creditors to have their savings completely returned so soon as possible alike here we still instantly desiring too. Let´s trust in a good end for all of us und not at all last but not least let´s hope the same way for a better outlook for the icelandic people as now can be seen. Live and let live.

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