Stephans Update aus Island

9. April 2009


mit ist durchaus bewusst, wie sehr wir alle auf ein Update waren. Leider habe ich heute auch nichts genaues erhalten, aber es sind wohl noch ein paar Punkte offen. Ich glaube noch immer nicht das wie hier hingehalten werden. Was hier gerade passiert ist wirklich einmalig und alles müssen viele Dinge prüfen. Wie hat schon der Knastbruder immer gesagt, „Gut Ding will Feile haben….“ Frohe Ostern…


we would just as much as be able to announce something today. However we are waiting for a few missing pieces from Germany before we can committ to a timetable and processes. Rest assure we are pushing them as hard as we can


Sent: Wed Apr 08 07:22:15 2009
Subject: AW: AW: Update from Iceland

Hello xx,
hello xxx,

I was trying to get hold of both of you yesterday without success. I would be great if there would be anything that could be published today, as tomorrow is the last working day before the long Easter weekend and I think you agree with me, a statement about how this all should be finished would a very big relief for everyone.

Rumours from the capital are stating to come up but we all would believe the solution once you would publish something valid on the website.
It would be much appreciated if someone could get back to me.

Best regards

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