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15. April 2009

The Depositors‘ and Investors‘ Guarantee Fund’s obligation to pay compensations to depositors of Spron hf.
Written 4/14/2009 at2:16 PM

On 21 March 2009 the FME assumed the powers of a meeting of the shareholders of Spron hf., immediately suspended the Board in its entirety and appointed a Resolution Committee. The Resolution Committee made a decision of closing the bank´s branches that day. It is the opinion of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Iceland (the FME) that on the same day, Spron hf. was unable to render payment of the amount customers demanded, of certain deposits, in accordance with applicable terms. Therefore, with regards to the aforementioned, the Depositors’ and Investors’ Guarantee Fund (the Fund) has become obligated to render payments in accordance with Article 9 of Act No. 98/1999 on Deposit Guarantees and Investor Compensation Scheme, to the customers of Spron hf. who did not receive the amount of their deposits.

For further information we refer to the Act on Deposit Guarantees and Investor Compensation Scheme, and the regulation on Deposit Guarantees and Investor Compensation Scheme and other information on our website,

Anmerkung Jan: Diese News betreffen nicht Kaupthing, sondern die kürzlich zusammengebrochene Sparkasse SPRON. Siehe dazu auch unsere Artikel vom 31.03., 27.03. und 23.03.

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