Projekt von Hörður Torfason – „Civilised Revolution“

10. September 2014

Ich habe gleich mal 150 NZD im Namen von Helft-Uns gespendet, da ich das Projekt gut finde! Viel Erfolg Hörður Torfason! Irgendwie passt auch das Motto: “When I becomes we.”. Bei der Gelegenheit fällt mir auch wieder ein: Hat Karlheinz Bellmann eigentlich schon seine Zinsen nach Island gespendet? Wenn nicht wäre das eine gute Alternative 😉

Dear friends.

I have been around as an artist and an human right activist for for a very long time with good results. One of my projects was The Cutlery Revolution in Iceland in the winter of 2008/09. In recent years I have been invited to 15 countries (some more than once) and I don´t know how many cities, to do my talk that I call: “When I becomes we.” and answer questions about my views and methods that are based on my standing point; I always work in the spirit of the society I want to live in.

On my speaking tour in New Zealand, early 2013, I was interviewed by the journalist Alastair Thompson (Publisher of Scoop Independent News.) and later we decided to work together on a book about The Cutlery Revolution. We have used the working title „Civilised Revolution”.

The name „Civilised Revolution“ comes from the fact that in Iceland the word for „Civilisation“ is the same as that for „Cutlery“ ( because before cutlery the world was less ciivilised ). The Cutlery Revolution is so-called because in the immediate aftermath of the beginning of the Great Financial Crisis I called together thousands of Icelanders to surround the Parliament and bang pots and pans until the government resigned and new elections were called. The revolution thereby peacefully achieved significant political change within a democratic constitutional framework during a period of very significant crisis.

However the full story of what happened and how is much richer than that and full of drama. And it contains some very valuable lessons about how to achieve political change – lessons which I suspect could help activists facing similar crises in other parts of the world.

Now we have started a crowd-funding site on a project called Civilised Revolution ( Civilized Revolution ). I would be very honoured if you would be on the link below and pledge your support for our project. Should we reach our $39,000 target for pledges then in return for your support you will receive a copy of the first edition of the book when it is published. The funds we are seeking are what we have budgeted to complete the book, prepare it for publication and print the first 1000 copy print run. We expect the book to have significant appeal to a broad international market.
I would also be extremely grateful if you would like or share this post so that it receives as much attention as possible as quickly as possible as that seems to be what this Crowd Funding lark is all about.

Thank you.

Hörður Torfason

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  1. Dirkam 15. November 2014 um 12:00 Uhr

    Aus dem Projekt wurde leider nichts! Wäre doch auch eine gute Alternative für Karlheiz Bellmann’s Spende gewesen.

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